Porplastic Tennis RedClay PRO

PUR slide tennis court with clay-feeling for indoors or outdoors.
Water-permeable, all weather tennis clay court for Outdoor, ITF classified

• abrasion resistant
• decorative
• easy on your joints
• elastic
• heavy-duty
• jointless

System data sheet: INDOOR / OUTDOOR


System information

• total system thickness approx. 25 mm
• no irrigation needed
• ITF-certificated
• permanent humidity due to "PUR slide" effect
• no need for indoor shoes
• odourless
• optical and playing properties like waterd outdoor clay court
• equal ball reflection
• suitable for wheelchair tennis
• easy on joints and ligaments, avoids injuries
• excellent sliding properties
• ideal for renovation
• on-site-installation results in leveling of sub base unevennesses
• ITF-classified as Clay court /class1: slow